Best Equipment for Reflex Training At Home For Boxing.

Reflex Ball Training

Best Equipment for Reflex Training At Home For Boxing.

A good boxer not only concentrates on his skill set and technique, but also plays a great attention to fastening his reflexes and reducing the reaction time.
Slow reflexes can not only cost you the match, but can also lead to suffering serious injuries.
Read more to know about the best equipment for reflex training at home for boxing.
Surely, mixed martial arts like boxing are a show of pure strength and stamina, but fast reflexes are the unsung heroes of boxing.
They safeguard the boxer from injury and improve his/ her chances to have a long and successful boxing career. Well- timed reflexes also play a crucial role in building up defense skill.


In high impact sports like martial arts, there is a thin line between winning and losing
No matter how good your technique is, or how fit a boxer is, if he/she has slow reflexes, they are just setting themselves up to be knocked out in the ring. The injuries a boxer might suffer due to slow reflexes and long reaction time will not only cost them the title, but also may cut short their professional boxing careers.
Boxing is majorly a sum of reactions to your opponent’s moves.
Every hook, jab, punch needs to be met with either fast paced reflexive counter- moves or avoided by quick footwork.


It has been scientifically proven that reflexes can be made fast with various techniques and equipment.
Consistent reflex training drills will not only make you fast and improve your boxing techniques, but also safe guard you from serious injuries like concussion, contusions, ocular injuries, broken
jaw and teeth and abdominal trauma. Split- second delay in the ring due to slow paced footwork can also lead to shin and ankle fractures.


The easiest and most affordable equipment for reflex ball training is a


Reflex balls are the best equipment for reflex training at home. It enables the boxer with fast reflexes, accurate hand-eye coordination and agility.
Basically, a reflex ball is a rubber ball with rotatable buckles. Since it’s not a perfect circle like a tennis ball, its movements are unpredictable when it is hit. You can use this to your advantage to improve your reaction time.
The unpredictable nature forces the boxer to rely solely on his reflexes to hit the ball. It improves a boxer’s stance, footwork, arms, and hand control too.

Training regularly with Reflex Ball Headband makes the boxer intuitive and enables them to gauge their opponents moves and understand his strategy better. They are able to process all these stimuli fast and react accordingly.

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Moving ahead while punching the reflex ball not only perfects your stance, but also adds a great deal of complexity in your movements.
To simulate blocking in boxing, just hit the reflex ball harder and raise both your fists in front of your face to prevent the ball hitting you on the face on its way back.
Slipping with a reflex ball is done by switching your back leg position to the front and turning your body to face the ball. Also techniques like double slip and Parrying can be mastered by using Reflex Ball Headband.
Prying is a defense technique where a boxer avoids being hit by pushing their opponent’s arm to one side.
The hardest technique to master is THE HOOK, hit the ball and time yourself to hook it on its way back. With practice and time, you will be able to deliver power packed hooks against your opponent.
For the UPPERCUT, hit the ball slightly softer so that you don’t lose control over the ball and continue your combinations.
Ultimately, get into the Flow State which is basically shadow boxing with the reflex ball.
Use all the techniques to simulate a fight and get that much needed practice.

A reflex ball headband is specifically designed training equipment for martial arts, especially boxing and Muay Thai.
Don’t be fooled by it’s simple look, it can be one of the most proficient ways to fasten your reflexes by rapid firing at the neural level.
The unpredictability in the way the reflex ball bounces off after a punch will keep you on your toes and hone your reflexes and boxing skills like nothing else.

Champs MMA presents

Boxing Reflex Ball Advanced with a smaller and heavier boxing ball with an adjustable headband.

It is suitable for all genders and age groups. The high quality materials used, the360 degree rotating buckle and a relatively smaller and harder reflex ball makes it easily the best equipment for reflex training at home for boxing.

Reduce your reaction time and fine tune your complex movements and become a force to reckon with in the ring.
Start with small duration sessions and slowly increase the duration, this will make your concentration better and also build your stamina.
Watch the training video included in the pack and become the best version of yourself.
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Training with CHAMPS MMA Pro Cobra Reflex Bag will make your reflexes fast like the bolt of lightning. Its fast bounce back speed makes it an ideal choice for advanced level training.
It sharpens your reflexes with a rapid recoil spring that helps you develop punch speed, accuracy, and defensive maneuverability.
The heavy sand or water filled base keeps the cobra bag anchored in place as it swings and recoils up to 90° for the momentum and body movement.
Easy to set up and takes up very little space, making it ideal for reflex training at home.
It can be hit from all angles which provides a wide range of unpredictable movement patterns.
A nearly perfect simulation of how your opponent might bob and weave, you can make split second decisions on how to time your counter punches and deliver maximum power with every strike.
The reflex bag will also improve your rhythm and timing and the boxer can hit it consistently for longer durations.
Ideally, by practicing in 3 minute rounds, a boxer can prepare himself for the actual fights.
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