Pro Cobra Reflex Bag - Boxing Reflex Bag With Fast Bounce-back Speed - Advanced


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” If you want to be a champion, then train like one.” Being an ultimate fight master requires continuous training and improving your technique. Don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure you domination in the ring with CHAMPS MMA

Pro Cobra Reflex Bag

that mimics the movement of an opponent with its high-set spring and rapid rebound.

  • Extra heavy PU

    boxing reflex bag.

  • High- set spring for faster bounce back.
  • Sturdy steel pole.
  • Adjustable height for fighters of all sizes.
  • Heavy sand or water- filled base.
  • 8 suction cups for extra strong anchorage.
  • Pro level reflex training.
  • High Intensity Training at home.

Take up hard core training to be the invincible boxer. Knock out any opponent with your power packed jabs, strikes and punches.

Champs MMA

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Pro Cobra Reflex Bag

will speed up your reflexes and fire up your neurons to counter- attack any blows your opponent might throw at you.

In all combat sports, reflexes are the most important skill. Your offensive and defensive techniques heavily rely on fast and accurate reflexes.

To be able to block or counter- attack in split seconds will ensure you win the title every single time.

Legendary champions like Mohammad Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard, Pornsanae Sitmonchai and Samart Payakaroon have relied on fast reflexes and left their spectators in awe.

With rigorous training and hard work, you can develop smaller reaction time and improve your footwork and Champs MMA standing

pro reflex bag

will help you achieve these formidable skills.

Train to counter- attack all stimuli like an opponent’s incoming punch, small and minute movements made by y opponent and making split second decisions to avail these opportunities.

Sensing and delivering the most effective reaction to attacks in the ring will help you avoid lethal and crushing injuries.

Boxing equipment set at the wrong height can wreak havoc on your form. Train at the proper height with your

punching bag

with a stand that’s adjustable from 55-77 inches.



heavy punch bag

will take the hardest of punches.

8 suction cups ensure strong anchorage and allow you to throw the most power- packed punches.

Sharpen your skills no matter where you train. With 8 strong suction cups, your

boxing reflex bag

easily attaches to hard surfaces. For carpets and concrete, fill with water or sand.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Ensure you domination in the ring with CHAMPS MMA Pro Cobra Reflex Bag that mimics the movement of an opponent with its high-set spring and rapid rebound.

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    Paul Aldo

    Great cobra bag

    This bag exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high to begin with. High quality materials and easy set-up. I filled the tank with water and the suction is perfect. The bag provides a great workout and provides plenty of response and control if you’re accurate with your punches. I do a lot of 3 minutes rounds that alternate with my heavy bag. A terrific combination.

    January 4, 2022
    Verified Purchase

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