Boxing Reflex Ball Set - 4 Difficulty levels Boxing Ball with adjustable headband


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Say goodbye to injuries in the ring on account of slow reflexes and poor footwork. Knock over your opponent when you refine your reflexes and function as a well oiled machine with enviable hand-eye coordination with Champs MMA’s

reaction ball

set of 4.

No need for guards or gloves with Champs MMA’s winning boxing equipment. Begin boxing training as soon as you get your hands on this set that comes with 1 headband, 4 balls with cords, and 4 extra cords.
  • Padded velcro 2 inch thick headband for a snug fit.
  • Premium Quality three-layer headband with a nylon outer, Neoprene middle and microfiber inner layer for ultimate comfort.
  • The high quality stitch with metallic D-ring makes it last for decades.
  • Hook-and-Loop Closure for ease of wearing.
  • Set includes 1 Headband, 4 Reflex Balls, 4 replacement strings and 4 D-Hooks.
  • Water-resistant black carry-on bag.
  • 4

    boxing reflex balls

    of 4 difficulty levels.

  • Innovative knot-free rotating buckle for no tangled up strings while training.

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31 reviews for Boxing Reflex Ball Set – 4 Difficulty levels Boxing Ball with adjustable headband

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    This is a lot of fun. I find it addictive, like playing a good video game. But how is it for developing your boxing skills? That is hard to say. I don’t feel like it encourages proper form. But for developing good focus, it is excellent! The attached video is me toying around with it after two weeks. I’m wearing bag gloves which offer a nice squared off surface that seems to make it easier to control the ball. I found the black ball hard to see so I put some yellow paint on it.

    January 3, 2022
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    First day, I could only hit the black foam ball 4 to 8 times. I’m on week two, I moved up to the boxer Ball ( it feels like a softer lacrosse ball) and I feel like Rocky Balboa. I practice about 30 minutes to an hour day.My only experience from boxing was I did roughly one year of mixed martial arts training in 2012.

    December 17, 2021
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    Worth the money. I’m 41 and getting back into boxing after decades away.
    These things are amazing.
    Simple, and you’ll open the box and say “I paid 20 for this?”

    But after a day of use I almost wanted to donate another 20 bucks. Almost. Boxing may cause brain damage.

    June 25, 2021

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    Rashaad F.

    It’s great for hand and eye coordination. Love it

    May 19, 2021

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    Cristhian V.

    Just as expected, worth every dollar.

    May 15, 2021

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    I bought this for my 22 year old nephew who is getting into boxing. The product is just as described. It’s a solid product. Very pleased with my purchase.

    May 8, 2021

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    Victor Francia

    For training and fun. It’s what’s offered

    May 6, 2021

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    It’s pretty cool. It definitely help with you punching and accuracy. Made me think too because each ball required different strength and different speed. Have to be focus. It’s been working for me. I which the ball had something to clip it on instead of tying it.

    April 23, 2021

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    This is another item I like, hanging from my ceiling fan. I have only tried the red ball but I am able to move more and to get in full punch/stretch. I am hoping the other balls will swing faster so that I can get in faster punches. If you don’t have a punching bag this is a good way to practice your punches and get coordinated.

    April 19, 2021

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    Steve Stone

    Fun to use. I have been slowly improving but only use it a couple of times a week. My kids are too little to use it themselves but they like to punch the ball while it’s attached to me.

    April 12, 2021

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