MMA Training For Beginners

MMA training for beginners


There can be several reasons why a person would decide to start MMA training. Whether it is to learn some self-defense or for competitive purposes and the love for the sport, one thing is certain, MMA training is great for getting in shape.

MMA combines a set of different training regimes and that is why it can serve as a great starting point for getting into good mental and physical shape. So, if your goal is to learn some martial arts and get in shape at the same time, keep on reading!


Training MMA builds up physical and mental endurance.


MMA training aspects


Starting MMA training as a beginner can be a tough quest as it is pretty complicated as to what MMA consists of. Understanding that MMA has several combat aspects is important so that you can become proficient in each and every one of them.



Striking is one of the key combat fields in MMA. From boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate, to other styles of striking, MMA incorporates all. MMA fighters have an open spectrum of techniques to choose from when developing their striking game. From boxing striking techniques to Muay Thai teep kicks and elbows, everything can be utilized in an MMA, of course depending on the rules of the given promotion.



This combat field involves taking down your opponent and controlling them or submitting them on the ground. In the short amount of time MMA has been around it has been shown that grappling arts such as wrestling are one of the most important aspects an MMA fighter should be good at.

Grappling is one of the best ways to tone down and strengthen your body as it involves high-intensity actions that consume a lot of energy. Not only is your whole body is working when you are involved in practice with your partner, but your brain is also working in solving the problem that is in front of you, therefore strengthening your focus and mental fortitude.


Strength and conditioning training


As you get better with your MMA skills it is important to develop your strength and conditioning at the same time. The best way to do this is through exercises that are high-intensity and involve the entire body, short periods of rest, and are designed to push the limits of your body to build strength and endurance while getting toned.

Developing peak overall physical condition is the ultimate goal while training for power, explosiveness, strength, speed, agility, and muscular endurance.




One of the best ways to develop your cardiovascular system is running. Running strengthens your legs, glutes, and lower back and it also builds up your mental endurance and mental strength, which is very important for MMA.


MMA training equipment


Nothing gets more up and personal than MMA and that is why it is important to have the right equipment when doing combat sports and especially MMA. Having good equipment can reduce the risk of injury by a big percent. Let’s go through some of the essential pieces of equipment you should have if you are planning to do MMA training.

Mouthguard – If you like your teeth you should have one. An MMA mouthguard is an essential part of protective gear and it is important to have one that suits you perfectly and allows you to breathe properly.

Boxing gloves – No MMA training is complete without striking practice with your sparring partner, and therefore a good set of training boxing gloves is a must-have in your equipment bag.

Head guard – Until you develop good head movement and evasion skills it is good to protect your brain with some quality head guard.

Shin guards – Shin guards are a very important piece of equipment for MMA as lower leg kicking has become more and more popular. Keeping your shins protected with quality MMA shin guards must be a priority if you are looking to develop your kicking game.

Groin guard – Getting hit in your family jewels is never a good time so it a smart thing to have a groin guard just in case.


Nutrition and diet for MMA


With the development of modern MMA, it has been seen that nutrition and diet have a very big impact on athlete performance, so much so that most professional MMA fighters have personal nutritionists.



Hydration is one of the most important things when training high-intensity combat sports as water is the key to maintaining our blood volume and body temperature. It is very important to give our body proper hydration when training MMA so that the body can perform all tasks we present to it.

Electrolytes are the most important components for our fluid balance so it is good to consume water that is rich in electrolytes.




Nutrition is the key to any physical activity. If you want to achieve success in any sport and especially MMA, you need to have the proper nutrition that is going to give your body all of the essential components to perform well in a training or competition type scenario. Good nutrition means good health, better recovery after hard sessions, and a lower risk of injuries.


MMA supplements


In my opinion supplements for fighters, these days are on a high level, compared to some decades ago. If you are a pro-MMA fighter you probably already have some knowledge regarding this topic, but if you are somebody who just started MMA training this section is going to be good for you.

BCAA – Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA is one of the most essential supplements you can incorporate into your daily diet. The BCAA can benefit athletes and people who are involved in regular or moderate physical activities regardless of their practice level. The best time to use it is half an hour before your MMA workout.

As far as supplements go, BCAA gives the body all of the essential amino acids that help your organism in protein synthesis, restoring muscle fibers after heavy sparring sessions, and it protects against the catabolism of its own proteins.

Perhaps the most important benefit it provides you with is additional energy for those long rounds on the mats. No strong evidence exists to indicate that BCAAs are bad for you.


Don’t forget your diet and focus only on supplements as both are important.




When to start MMA training?

Unlike other sports, MMA has no specific age number to start at, as it has been shown with various fighters with different backgrounds. It is a common thing to believe that a man’s prime starts around 30 years old, so it is best to start MMA training before that.

Does MMA training build muscle?

MMA training is good for gaining lean muscles and shredding your body’s fat percentage. It doesn’t target a specific type of muscle as you are usually using your whole body in those grappling and clinch situations. It is a great way to develop and mold your whole body.

How hard is it to train MMA?

MMA is one of the hardest sports in the world as it involves mixed martial arts skills. From all kinds of striking, grappling, and various strength/conditioning exercises, MMA athletes need to be proficient in all those fields to achieve success inside the octagon.


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  1. I’m starting my journey into the M.M.A world Now!!! My Name on Instagram: miguel_Jesus_Spiderman I’ve always love Bruce Lee and MMA is his free hand combat universe. I’m so in there!! Mayweather better look out i’ m coming for All champs and soon to be champs first I must condition my body for my mind is at peace now that I found my purpose in life is to MMA Champion. I will be

  2. I’m starting my journey into the M.M.A world Now!!! My Name on Instagram: miguel_Jesus_Spiderman I’ve always love Bruce Lee and MMA is his free hand combat universe. I’m so in there!! Mayweather better look out i’ m coming for All champs and soon to be champs first I must condition my body for my mind is at peace now that I found my purpose in life is to MMA Champion. I will, I Am Champion!!! See you soon…

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