Important Considerations Before Buying a Freestanding Reflex Bag

Freestanding Cobra Reflex Bag

For any combat sports player, a good reflex action is among the biggest assets inside the ring. A fast reflex response can add to the safety offered by the protective gears that you wear during matches. It is defined as an involuntary response to a stimulus that is almost instantaneous. During a reflex action, your body acts in a certain way based on an impulse even before the signal reaches your brain.

Freestanding reflex bag training offers a great way to improve your reflexes that also increases your winning probability. Buying a reflex bag can be tricky when you aren’t aware of the little intricacies that differentiate a good reflex bag from a bad one. Let’s delve deeper into what a reflex bag is and how you can choose a good one based on your requirements.

Quick dive into freestanding reflex bags

A reflex bag is one of the key MMA training equipment that is used to improve the reflex action in players. It is widely used for combat sports training, as reflex action plays a crucial role during these matches. Three important components are used in the creation of a reflex bag, including a padded punching bag, a freestanding pole mounted on a flexible spring, and a heavy base for stability. This is the basic anatomy of most reflex bags. During training sessions, players are guided to practice body movements and dodging hits. Besides the reaction speed, it also aids in improving hand-eye coordination.

Types of reflex bags

There are plenty of reflex bags available in the market that can help players to improve their reflex action. However, from a broader perspective, the reflex bags can be classified into two groups, i.e., the standard reflex bag and the cobra reflex bag. The major difference between these two arises out of the location of the spring being used. Let’s take a quick look at how they differ.

  1.Standard reflex bags

Standard reflex bags are the most commonly used ones for reflex training. In these reflex bags, the spring is placed at the bottom end of the equipment. So, what does a spring placed towards the bottom do to a reflex bag? Well, this reduces the speed of rebounds once the bag is hit. This is required for players who want to develop robust defense techniques that are highly precise. The standard reflex bags mimic the counterattack response from your opponent inside the ring.

 2. Cobra reflex bags

A cobra reflex bag is differently designed from a standard reflex bag. The spring used for a Freestanding cobra reflex bag is placed around the middle of the standing poles, towards the higher end. What is the significance of placing the spring on a higher-end? Well, it allows these reflex bags to bounce back at a higher pace when hit during practice. Players who are looking towards increasing their speed and strike accuracy must opt for a pro cobra reflex bag.

Key factors to consider while choosing a reflex bag

Now that we have a fair idea as to what reflex bags are and how they differ based on the location of the spring, let’s take a look into some important considerations for choosing the right reflex bag.


How durable are the reflex bags that you want to purchase? This should be your first question before purchasing any reflex bag. The durability of a reflex bag adds to its overall value since you will be frequently hitting it during practice sessions. If you opt for a non-durable reflex bag, you will have to continuously spend your money repairing or purchasing new ones. The first thing that determines durability is the type of material used in creating the reflex bag. The material used should be tough and sturdy enough for a long haul. You shouldn’t rely much on synthetic or faux leather reflex bags. A genuine leather reflex bag will surely last a lot longer than the synthetic ones.

 2.Location of the spring

The second important consideration that you should factor in is related to the location of the spring used inside a reflex bag. If you are a beginner or relatively new to MMA, go for a reflex bag that contains the spring towards the bottom end. This will reduce the pace of rebound and give you ample time to practice your defense mechanism with the required precision. If you are already in the game for a substantial period, you can consider buying a pro freestanding cobra reflex bag that contains the spring at the higher end of the supporting pole. It will help you practice your striking moves with the needed accuracy.

3.Height from the base

How tall should your reflex bag be? This is an important factor to consider while choosing a reflex bag. There is no perfect height for a reflex bag. It depends on the height of the player who will use the reflex bag. It is recommended to opt for a reflex bag of the same height as yours. However, if you are new to the game, you should consider getting a smaller one. Older players who have the experience can even opt for taller reflex bags. Most reflex bags have a height that ranges between 5.16 feet to 6 feet. If you are not sure about the height of your reflex bag, you can choose an adjustable reflex bag.

4.Sturdy base

Reflex bags should have a sturdy base to support the pole so that it doesn’t fall after every hit. The base should be solid enough to stand powerful hits. However, don’t go for a reflex bag that has an excessively heavy base. This will hinder its rebound movements and you might not be able to make the most of this bag to improve your reflexes.

Final words

The above factors must be considered before purchasing any reflex bag. Since reflex bags are used daily, they should be made of highly durable material. One must also consider their skills, experience, height and weight before choosing a reflex bag for MMA training.


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