All You Need to Know About Finding the Right Reflex Bag/ A Quick Guide to Finding the Best Reflex Bag for Your Training

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All You Need to Know About Finding the Right Reflex Bag

A reflex action is defined as an instantaneous involuntary or unplanned action in response to a stimulus. It is facilitated through neural pathways called reflex arcs that allow us to act on an impulse, even before it reaches the brain. A reflex response can either be a conscious movement or an unconscious one. When it comes to combat sports like boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA), reflex plays a crucial role. Reflex and reaction training doesn’t just aid in making quicker reactions but also help boxers to improve and hard-wire certain moves during fighting matches. Everybody has a different level of reflex response; however, one can easily develop better reflexes with the help of tools, such as a reflex bag.

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What is a reflex bag?

A reflex bag can be explained as a type of fitness equipment that allows people to develop better and faster reflex responses to any stimulus. The importance of having a good reflex can never be underestimated when it comes to sports. A reflex bag is primarily used for training people in combat sports such as boxing and MMA. It contains a round, padded, circular bag that is placed atop a loaded string that has a weighted base attached. It differs from a heavy bag that is also commonly used by fighters for strength training. Reflex bags provide a great way to improve hand-eye coordination, timing and enhance defence movements.

Using a reflex bag for training requires punching the bag with a force that creates a backward bending movement on the screen and bounces back to the source.

A reflex bag can also hit the floor if the force with which it is being hit is harder. It allows one to develop better defence techniques by acting as a punch from the opponent during a fight. Play our premium free blackjack game here. This helps to evaluate the player’s timing and precision. A reflex bag can also be used to practice dodging punches. It allows the players to improve their foot movement, lunging and head movements.

importance of reflex bags

The importance of reflex bags

 Developing a good reflex in boxing is as important as having a good eye vision for experiencing the world. A reflex bag is extensively used by sports players, especially boxers, to develop quicker reflexes, speed and manoeuvring ability. Let’s delve deeper into how reflex bags can be crucial for sports training.

Developing hand-eye coordination

At the core of every reflex bag lies a spring-loaded system that helps the bag to bounce back to its origin after a punch. The uneven weight of the reflex bag causes it to move in unpredictable patterns when punched. This causes a wide range of motions which helps people in developing good hand-eye coordination. Imagine the movements of the reflex bag as your enemy’s response to your attack. This will need you to make split-second decisions about developing a strike or defence technique against your opponent’s response. It also helps you to deliver the utmost power in every strike. When you continue to train using a reflex bag, you will relate how that helps during actual fights. You will be able to make your strikes with higher precision and speed.

Better striking speed

Striking speed plays a crucial role in deciding whether you’ll be able to knock out your opponent or not. A good striking speed will help you land your fists at the right place at the right moment, which will increase the impact of your punches and the intensity of damage it causes. Just like a speed bag, the reflex bag will help you in developing the right rhythm and timing for continuous hits. It will prepare you for moving your fists at a lightning-fast speed that will give you an added advantage in the ring.

Improved footwork

One of the most important benefits offered by a reflex bag that is often undermined is improved footwork. Since reflex bags are freestanding, you can place them in the middle of room space and practice your strikes from different angles. This will aid in improving your footwork that can make you a match-winner inside the ring. You can throw your punches on the bag and the dog the movements of the reflex bag as it swings back because of the springs. This can make you untouchable inside the ring.

Flexible and easy to set up

Setting up a heavy bag can be exhausting and time-consuming. Reflex bags, on the other hand, are small, compact and freestanding that can be placed anywhere as per your needs. This allows you to set up a punching bag with no drills or holes in the wall. You can even keep your reflex bags inside your closet when not practicing on it frequently. We have 9 RetailMeNot offers today , good for discounts at retailmenot.

Flexible reflex bags

Important considerations for choosing the right reflex bag

Buying the right reflex bag can be tricky and requires you to consider some important factors related to the same. Let’s delve deeper into what you should consider before purchasing a reflex bag for your sports training. Moreover, all the real money casinos we list here offer players casino bonuses which they can use to play slots, poker, blackjack, video poker, bingo and other popular casino games online.


Durability is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing a reflex bag since you will be punching that thing hard. A non-durable reflex bag will need faster replacements and this will add to your cost. The material used for the manufacturing of your reflex bag should be highly durable. Online casinos generally have a feature which allows you to decide the maximum you want to spend on gambling over any given period. It is advisable to avoid using synthetic or faux leather for buying a good reflex bag. It is highly recommended that you opt for a genuine leather reflex bag that is sturdy and resilient. Buying a genuine leather bag can be a little expensive, however, it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Spring’s location

Another important factor to consider while purchasing the right reflex bag is the location of the spring used in the bag. You must evaluate your fighting acumen and skills before considering this factor. What kind of spring will be best suited for you depends on your skills? It is recommended for a beginner to opt for a bag that contains the spring at the bottom of the pole because the rebound will be slower after the bag is hit. Those looking for a faster rebound and are more skilled should opt for a reflex bag in which the spring is placed at the top. You should also check if the base area can store sufficient sand or water to ensure stability.

Height of the reflex bag

Finding the right reflex bag is heavily contingent on your height. The height of the reflex bag needs to be on par with your height. Also, the old fighters generally need a taller bag and the young fighters opt for a shorter one. A majority of reflex bags are in the height range of 62 inches to 72 inches. You can also adjust the height for some of the reflex bags that offer adjustment flexibility. It is advisable to purchase adjustable reflex bags when you are not sure what you need.

Firm base

The base to which your reflex bag is attached plays a crucial role in deciding the bag’s overall performance. You must opt for a reflex bag that has a solid base. Casinos usually give out bonuses over a set period of time, which varies depending on how much you wager. If the base is not firm and the reflex bag is light, it might fall after a powerful blow. You should also refrain from buying a bag that is extremely heavy at the base since it won’t move easily after practising a strike. Heavy punching bags are recommended, but a reflex bag should have the right balance.

Standard bags vs Cobra bags

There are different types of reflex bags that are used by sports enthusiasts to practice and improve their reflex actions. However, they are broadly classified under two categories, i.e., the Standard bag and the Cobra bag. The difference is made based on the location of the spring used inside the bag. Let’s take a quick look at how these two differ.

  • Standard reflex bag

In the case of the standard reflex bags, the spring is located towards the bottom of the base. This leads to relatively slower rebounds after the bag is punched by the player. It is preferable when you want to develop your defence movements with precision and ease. These reflex bags are designed to reflect a counter attacking movement by your opponent.

  • Cobra reflex bag

For cobra reflex bags, the spring is placed in the middle or towards the higher end of the supporting pole. This allows the bags to rebound at a higher pace than the standard reflex bags once hit. When you are looking to work on your speed and striking accuracy, you must practice using a cobra reflex bag.

Cobra reflex bag

Tips to use a reflex bag

Here are some pragmatic tips that will help you make the most of your reflex bag training sessions.

Keep your surroundings clear

Before you start practicing your punches on your newly bought reflex bags, it is recommended to keep the surroundings clear. Initially, you won’t be able to figure the movements of the reflex bag and the speed with which it will move around. You should refrain from placing your reflex bag in crowded spaces as it can break things in your vicinity.

Protect your hands

It is highly recommended that you wear your boxing gloves or wrap a cloth around your hand when hitting the reflex bag. Most people believe that reflex bags are lightweight and won’t do any damage to your hands. However, it can pick up some real speed when it rebounds and that can hurt your fists in case you are not wearing any protective equipment like a glove. Also, putting on your gloves while training makes you more accustomed to the weight on the gloves.

3-minute rounds

It is recommended that you practice on your reflex bags in 3-minute rounds to make yourself habitual of the actual fight inside the ring. The fast-paced nature of this reflex bag training will improve your speed, stamina and endurance that you can leverage for the actual fight.

In a Nutshell

Finding the right reflex bag requires knowing your skills and fighting acumen. You also need to consider important factors such as durability, height, location of the spring, etc. while purchasing a reflex bag for training.


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