Important Considerations Before Buying a Freestanding Reflex Bag

Freestanding Cobra Reflex Bag For any combat sports player, a good reflex action is among the biggest assets inside the ring. A fast reflex response can add to the safety offered by the protective gears that you wear during matches. It is defined as an involuntary response to a stimulus that is almost instantaneous. During […]

How to Select the Right Weighted Professional Boxing gloves

How to Select the Right Weighted Professional Boxing gloves Boxing gloves come in varied weights, shapes and sizes. Choosing the right gloves can drastically improve the performance of players inside the ring. We can never overestimate the importance of finding the right sized and weighted boxing gloves. If you are new to the boxing landscape, […]

Leather vs. Synthetic Boxing Gloves: A Detailed Comparison

Boxing Gloves

Becoming a champion requires choosing the best every single time and being able to face the worst. When it comes to preparing for one of the most popular and ancient combat martial arts forms, i.e., boxing, you can’t compromise with what goes on your fists. Yes, we are talking about the most prized piece of […]