Best tools to develop hand eye coordination and reflexes for Martial Arts

hand eye coordination and reflexes

Best tools to develop hand-eye coordination and reflexes for Martial Arts

Amongst all combat sports,  mixed martial arts (MMA) including Muay Thai or Siam Boxing, KickBoxing, Sanda, Tae Kwon Do, Jiu-Jitsu, etc heavily rely on fast reflexes on mastering their hand-eye coordination techniques.

Rigorous training under trained professionals helps you inculcate all of the skills to become a formidable fighter.

Some of the most important skills required to become a successful Muay Thai boxer are fast reflexes and accurate hand-eye coordination.


Fighting reflexes are basically physical responses to fighting stimuli.

A good boxer pays special attention to reflex workouts and how to speed up reflexes. With consistent reflex training with various techniques and equipment, one can throw faster punches, block counter-punches, and throw power-packed kicks to defeat the opponent.


Here are some reflex workout techniques which can drastically reduce your reaction time and save you from injuries in the ring.

1. Slow Sparring

It is basically doing the movements of boxing without throwing heavy punches and in a slow manner. It provides insight and a greater understanding of how an opponent reacts to fight stimuli.

2. Shadow Boxing

Boxer throws punches in the air as if fighting against an opponent.

It enables you to gauge your opponent’s responses.

3. Boxing Reflex Ball

A bright-colored ball attached to the headband with an elastic cord takes a different trajectory each time it is hit and is a piece of excellent equipment to fasten reflexes, reduce reaction time, and also be pivotal in hand-eye coordination training.

Champs MMA Boxing Reflex Ball Set comes with 4 balls of varying training difficulties.

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4. Reflex Bag

The Cobra Reflex bags play a key role in fine-tuning reflexes, improving a boxer’s overall hand-eye coordination and accentuating their footwork.

Pro Cobra Reflex Bag is must-have training equipment for professional and advanced level boxers.

The heavy-duty bag is tethered to the ground via a strong spring and heavy sand or water-filled anchor for a stronghold against power-packed punches.

It perfectly mimics the movement of an actual opponent, hence training with it improves concentration, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination.

Since it can be placed anywhere in the room, a boxer can practice throwing punches at it from all angles which work wonders for their technique and footwork.

Champs MMA Pro Cobra Reflex Bag is made from high-quality, durable materials which will last you a lifetime.

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5. Coin Catch

A low budget and fun to hone your reflexes.

The small size of a coin also takes your hand-eye coordination to the next level.

Just place coins on the top of your hand and arm and flip up and try to catch them before they hit the floor.

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